Waitrose makes exclusive shopping section with food and till area for NHS workers


The café area has been stocked with food essentials including milk, eggs, bread, long-life milk, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables and tissues among other essentials. 

This is to help NHS workers have a quick and easy shopping trip- and make sure they have access to all the essentials they need. 

Shoppers had been panic buying, leaving supermarket shelves empty. To ensure, everyone has access to stocked shelves, many supermarket chains supermarket chains across the country have now allocated special shopping slots for the elderly and vulnerable members of public. Rationing of products is also being put in place to stop stockpiling.  

Following government advice, supermarkets and grocery stores have been implementing a two-metre distance, encouraging people to follow the advice of social distancing. Supermarkets including Waitrose have also now placed restrictions on the number of shoppers allowed in the premises, restricting entry to only one person per household.  

Aisle for flour and eggs left empty in Waitrose,  (Picture taken over a week ago by Shariqua Ahmed)

The Prime Minister announced a lockdown across the country and advised people to stay at home and stop the spread of the virus. 

The total number of cases of the virus in Cambridgeshire has risen to 100, with 53 in Peterborough, as of Sunday (March 29).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Chief medical officer Chris Whitty have all  tested positive for Covid-19 and are self-isolating after showing mild symptoms.