Whirlpool cuts waste by ten tonnes a month


Axil Integrates Services have taken over the waste management procedures at Whirlpool (Photo: Katie Graves)

Waste management processes have been changed at the company after a specialist company, Axil Integrated Services, took over the waste management at two sites last year.

General waste from Whirlpool has now been reclassified and captured as a recycling commodity, which has saved money as well as reducing waste production. Axil Integrated Services has also worked with Whirlpool to introduce several new systems, such as introducing segregated bins in offices to increase recycling, and using continuous liners, reducing plastic waste by 80pc.

A 'clean as you go' philosophy has been implemented in the waste yard; a new trailer system has been introduced to allow for the exchange of four 1,100-litre bins at a time; single-use canteen cutlery has been replaced with biodegradable counterparts; and re-usable coffee cups and water bottles have been introduced, meaning that more than 158,000 single-use coffee cups and 56,000 plastic bottles have been removed from the canteens.

David Sherrington, UK and Ireland Energy, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Whirlpool, added: “It has been an exceptional year working with Axil Integrated Services and we have made great strides in waste management thanks to their help and direction.

"To achieve such healthy numbers in cutting waste is very positive and we look forward to reducing the company’s waste further and contributing to bettering our workplace environment, driving zero to landfill and ultimately making some headway in helping our planet.”