Wonky Donkey pub raises money for defibrillator despite lockdown


The Wonky Donkey, 102C Fletton High Street, Peterborough. Photo: Charlotte Moore

A pub is celebrating after raising enough money for a life-saving defibrillator despite having to close its doors during lockdown.

The Wonky Donkey on Fletton High Street announced their plans to get involved with a community project in February, which they confirmed to be raising money for a defibrillator outside of the pub. 

Other pubs across Peterborough are also trying to keep going during lockdown. The Queen's Head are still active on social media and are running their closed mic sessions from their pages, replacing their open mic nights which would usually take part in their venue. 

Meanwhile, independent pub Stoneworks, on Cathedral Square, have received a grant which they were applicable for, to help through this time.

They said: "We're not ones for crowdfunding or anything like that. We decided on a personal level that it was simply not worth the risk to staff and customers to continue to supply as an off license. So currently the doors remain closed. Which is sad, but very much a requirement right now.

"Pubs almost certainly have to be the last thing to open. If it were any way else I'd imagine a massive spike in cases due to the lack of social distancing.

"We have an amazing community that has grown within the bar so as long as they're still there nothing should change. It'll all come down to government guidelines and restrictions on capacity. I think a lot of people are thinking that once pubs open everything will just go back to normal – but I'm not sure that's the case."

Draper's Arms was due to reopen after a refurbishment (photo: Draper's Arms)

Meanwhile, the two Wetherspoon's pubs, The Draper's Arms and The College Arms, are "working hard to ensure they will be ready to open as and when". 

There haven't been any plans in place for future events just yet, but given the renovations just prior to the closure, it's likely to be a popular location when the pubs open again.