Children to support Bretton's new 'no flytipping' initiative


Flytipping and over-flowing bins Bretton

The Bretton Project - a initiative by the community for the community - is working to bring positive change to the local area. 

Their latest campaign hopes to curb the rising concerns of flytipping and litter in Bretton. 

Bretton Parish Council organises regular bulky waste collections, which give the residents a chance to get rid of any large items they have. The latest one organised on October 16 saw more than 10 tonnes of rubbish being collected. 

During the parish council meeting held on October 26, councillors recalled: “The collections were very well attended at the various collection points,” with one councillor stating that the Pyramid Centre was particularly busy. 

They are looking to get more volunteers on board as this is getting busier each time. 

But Miriam Whittam from The Bretton Project says this scheme needs to be made more accessible to the community by offering ‘flexible’ collection points. 

Through the new initiative, they plan to work with local schools and use the young people to spread the message of ‘keeping the area tidy”. 

The idea came after Ms Whittam herself was inspired by her child one afternoon on the way back from school. 

She saw him collect litter from the park on while walking back home which encouraged Miriam to do the same, following which she went to organise a big clean up.

Talking about the initiative she said: “I have lived in Bretton all my life. If I recall about 15 or 20 years ago, if you left big items out to dispose, they would be collected by the council. 

“But things have changed. People still think that happens and continue to leave bulky waste out. The message that this is an illegal activity is probably not reaching them. 

"The bulky waste collections are key to fighting flytipping but perhaps the council can offer some alternative collection options. It’s a simple solution to this problem.

“For example not everyone can drag a mattress for half a mile to come and throw it. 

“Maybe everyone pays or it’s organised through authority where a van goes around collecting from homes rather than a few collection points. 

“But education is important and I have realised – a guilt trip from children works. 

“If I give you my example – my little one started picking up rubbish on the way home from school which got me thinking 'Why don’t I do that? 

“Now I am constantly reporting flytipping but I am also aware something needs to be done to fight this menace. 

“This initiative will work with schools – where we will engage with young people to make posters urging people not to flytip or throw rubbish. 

“Our goal is to get leaflets out with messages from children which say ‘save our area'. 

“Alongside this, Cllr Chris Burbage is working with us to see what options can be explored for alternative collections of bulky waste. 

“The leaflets are being sponsored by Better Bretton and we hope to this within the next month or so. 

“We underestimate the young people – they can help us feel guilty for our actions. 

“I have seen several times children telling their parents not to throw litter on the street. They know the importance of this activity and we are hopeful they can help us in our initiative to spread the word out and educate the community. "

More information can be found here