Coffees, cocktails and live music on cards for new Bridge Street venue


The site of the potential new bar on Bridge Street to the right, which will mirror some of the design of the current Job Centre

APD Bars has applied to Peterborough City Council for a change of use of premises on Bridge Street.

A heritage statement within the document said: "We are proposing to upgrade the existing building into a very attractive bar/restaurant which will increase the look of the every increasing presence of Bridge Street to coincide with the proposed market re-location, plus add to the every increasing offering of amazing places to eat and drink in the city centre.

"The centre of the city has always increased its offerings in eateries, bars and entertainment venues and with our proposed building change of use, we believe this will offer even more to the city of Peterborough and even more the Bridge Street location giving the city even more appeal for nighttime and daytime offerings.

"The design we are putting into the building will be beautiful and modern and give great kerb appeal to the existing street line and fit in well with the other cafés, restaurants, bars, and venues including Argo, Middletons, Lightbox, German Doner Kebab and Grizzlers.

"We are looking to mirror the look of the current Job Centre and include bi-folding doors to give it a beautiful artistic look to the street.

"There will be minimal impact on the works which are proposed to be carried out to the building, all the proposed works will increase the current look of the building and will be more of an asset then previously. 

"We need the works to be carried out in order to turn the current shop based site into a fine wine bar/coffee place and a venue that all can enjoy, we need to make sure that the building works for us as a business and also aesthetically pleasing too."

"After the works has been finished the people of Peterborough will benefit from a new venue which will offer the best coffees and tapas during the day and finest cocktails, wines, spirits and bottled beers in the evening plus a host of amazing live musical acts that are not on offer anywhere in the city."