DanzFusion’s Jenna Kane: The hire that made me so proud


Jenna has collected multiple trophies since launching DanzFusion

Jenna, 35, launched her business 14 years ago and hired out school halls to teach her classes.  

Having taught a variety of different classes over the years, Jenna’s small business eventually expanded into her own premises, based at Welbeck Way.

The launch of DanzFusion studios in June 2019 also saw adult classes emerge onto the timetable. Needing extra help, Jenna recruited one of her former students, Nadine Hope, 25, who she started teaching when Nadine was just 11.

She said: “It made me so proud when I was able to invite Nadine back to come and work with me. She started with me in primary school and I taught her all through secondary school too.

“After she went to university to study dance, she came back and took on some of my classes for maternity cover. It feels like it’s gone full circle, I love that she started with me and now she’s teaching herself.”

Jenna continued: “When I knew I was getting my own studio I knew I wanted to have her working with me permanently. I met with her and explained what I was planning to do, I wanted to be able to offer more diversity – my expertise is street dance, but Nadine brings contemporary to the table.

"Having her on board meant I could add that onto the timetable, it’s something different that people were looking for and couldn’t find.”

Speaking on her business model, Jenna said: “I wanted to make a nice home for the students here so it would be a familiar and comfortable environment rather than someone else’s space.

“When people come in, I know everyone by first name. My students feel welcome, I couldn’t ask for anything else. After dancing as a hobby for years, I started studying it and soon realised that I wanted to go into teaching. I want people to be inspired the way that I was, and I don’t think people realise what dancing can do for confidence.”

DanzFusion offers a range of different classes, including groups for children, mums and tots and a variety of adult dance and fitness groups.