Five hour siege ends in court appearance for alleged sex offences


Peterborough Magistrates' Court

Following the alleged offences, police were involved in a five-hour siege which was ended with a “flashbang” disorientation tactic before the arrests of John Kennedy and David Nash.

Kennedy, 41, Nash, 48, and Selena Rosella, 36, are all charged with the sex offence against the same female, aged 16 or older.

All three appeared before Peterborough Magistrates’ Court in custody on Monday, also accused of robbing two people of unknown amounts of money.

Kennedy and Nash are charged with having a machete in a public place, namely Eastfield Road, and Rosella is said to have had a “handheld implement”.

Furthermore, all the defendants are accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The court was told the victim suffered stab wounds and a laceration to the head.

Kennedy, of no fixed address, Nash, of Finchley Green, and Rosella, of Shakespeare Avenue, indicated not guilty pleas to the charges.

The cases were all sent to Peterborough Crown Court for a hearing on December 20.

All three will be held in custody until the hearing.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a custody cell belonging to Cambridgeshire Constabulary following his arrest.

The court was told that facilities to the cell had to be turned off after Kennedy flooded it and threw urine around.

Solicitor Martin Newton, mitigating, said Kennedy alleged he had been “quite badly assaulted” in the cell.

“His clothes were forcibly taken from him,” he added.

“He suffered a broken rib. He reacted to his treatment by throwing urine around the cell.”

Kennedy was given seven days’ custody and ordered to pay £128 victim surcharge