INTERACTIVE MAP - Peterborough's food hotspots and grotspots


The map above gives you an overview of the latest food hygiene ratings for anywhere serving food in and around the Peterborough area. Simply zoom in and click on the dots for the details of each of the 559 venues listed.

Alternatively click on the symbol in the top-left corner to break down the map by category.

Thankfully the vast majority of venues have been graded at four or five by Peterborough City Council's food inspection team - but a few remain at the bottom grade, designated by the red dots.

The Food Standards Agency designates a rating between 5 (hygiene standards are very good) and zero (urgent improvement is required). The ratings are a snapshot of the standards of food hygiene found at the time of inspection, and it is the responsibility of the business to comply with food hygiene law at all times. This includes:

  • handling of food
  • how food is stored
  • how food is prepared
  • cleanliness of facilities
  • how food safety is managed

The time between inspections varies from six months for the highest risk businesses to two years for lower risk businesses. 

The owner of the Royal Oak in Castor, Ludy Dvorak, admitted that inspectors had found mice in the establishment, but said that this was common in some of the old buildings in the village.

The inspection took place in November shortly after Mr Ludy acquired the venue, known for its pizzas.

My Ludy also said paperwork was an issue, and added: "We are certainly guilty but I am not sure we deserved a zero.It was rectified two weeks after that - we had Rentokill in, and perhaps the cold weather got rid of the mice as well. Unfortunately we need to pay £450 to be reassessed, and that's a lot of money to find in January.

"The inspector had a disagreement with one of my chefs, which didn't help - he does not speak English. We are not making excuses but we have had real issues getting staff here. Our other chef has now gone.

"We have people who come in from the village who brag about whose mice are bigger - it's a problem here. I am willing to open up my kitchen to anyone who wants to look and examine it in the same way."

The Express Burger said that the problem had been 'sorted' before hanging up.

Nobody picked up the telephone at Roz's Bakery despite repeated attempts.