Clowns and laughter yoga planned for Bretton community picnic


The Bretton Park picnic will begin at 11am on Wednesday July 21

The picnic will be on Wednesday, July 21 at Bretton Park, starting at 11am and finishing at 2pm.

Popular local entertainer Dave the Clown will be on hand at 11.30am to keep residents smiling, and a laughter yoga session will follow at 1pm.

All residents are welcome, but are asked to bring their own snacks and something to sit on.

Community engagement worker Kathy Shaw said: "We know how precious Bretton Park is to everyone and this is a fabulous way to meet friends and neighbours, talk about the plans for the park and most of all smile and laugh.

"Everyone who has tried laughter yoga says how uplifting it is, and Dave the Clown is a very much loved local character.

"I think it will be good few hours of fun."

The event is part of a programme of engagement activities to support community aims in Bretton. It is funded by People’s Health Trust, and supported by Royal Voluntary Service.

For more information call Kathy 07714 091 073 or email