Mapped: Every crime in Peterborough in September


A map showing the locations of the 2,291 crimes reported in Peterborough in September 2020 (Photo: John Baker)

Figures obtained from the Police Data website show there were 2,291 reports made in September.

This is a 0.6% decrease from August's statistics, representing the second consecutive fall in the number of crimes reported in the city.

The categories of crime that saw an increase in reports made were drug offences (up from 45 reports in August to 63 in September; a rise of 40%), possession of a weapon (up from 18 reports to 22; a rise of 22%), theft (a rise of 2.6%) and vehicle crime (a rise of 30.7%).

Antisocial behaviour decreased by 1.8%, with 489 reports made in September. Criminal damage and arson saw a 11.7% drop in reports from the month prior, from 221 to 195. Public order offences also saw a significant 10.1% decrease month-on-month.

A police spokesman said: "There are a number of reasons we tend to see changes in crime trends. These include targeted police activity to drive down offences or increase reporting, or changes in the way in which crimes are recorded. Over the past couple of years we have made it even easier for people to report crime, through the introduction of online reporting and web chat facilities enabling people to report crime at a time convenient to them.

"We continue to work hard to respond to all incidents promptly, whilst also ensuring members of the public adhere to government guidelines. We continue our efforts to ensure that we protect the most vulnerable members of our community, while tackling our most dangerous offenders."

Outcomes such as charges and arrests are not included on this map. To see the different report categories click the arrow icon in the top left corner of the map - this will give you a menu and highlight the colour categories.

  • Blue - antisocial behaviour
  • Deep pink - burglary and robbery
  • Orange - criminal damage and arson
  • Yellow - drugs
  • Purple - other crime
  • Silver - possession of weapons
  • Coral/light red - public order offences
  • Green - theft and shoplifting
  • Black - vehicle crime
  • Olive green - violence and sexual offences