Bretton funfair extends stay for two more weeks


The fair at Bretton will be staying on

The fair, run by John Thurston and Son, opened in Peterborough on May 14 and was due to move on after its final night on May 23.

It was confirmed yesterday, however, that the attraction would stay open for an additional ten nights - opening on Friday May 28 and running through to Sunday June 6.

This news was met with some excitement from Bretton residents - but also some concerns. Social media users from Bretton flagged the damage being done to the field due to parking, while others suggested that the noise continues past the 9pm curfew.

Councillors for the Bretton ward responded to some of the concerns, with Cllr Chris Burbage providing an update this morning. He wrote: "So just to catch up and answer any questions. The fair has been granted an extension for two weeks. This is because the next location it was due to visit in Northampton is water-logged, so they asked if they could remain here for an extended period. Great for residents in Bretton, and great for residents outside of Bretton visiting the fair.

"I have seen the pictures of the damage to the field, and have seen it myself in person when I went past there a day or so ago. It is my understanding that the fairground operator has a responsibility to either repair any damages prior to leaving, or pay for any subsequent repairs needed. I will of course get clarification on that.

"With regards to the noise after 9pm, I will raise this issue as well as it was also my understanding that the opening hours were until 9pm, so a few mins after that to finish existing rides or the people left in queues would be acceptable but not up to an hour after. I will also look into this with the relevant department in PCC for some answers.

"In the meantime, enjoy the extended fair, and all the joy it brings, along with the boost to businesses in our local Bretton economy."