'Heroes' artwork says thank you to key workers and community


Yaxley Parish Council commissions 'Heroes' artwork to say thank you to key workers and community (Picture: https://archive.terry-harris.com/)

Popular city artist, Nathan Murdoch from Street Arts Hire has been busy with working on this artwork at the pavilion on the Middleton Road recreational grounds on Thursday, July 9. This has been commissioned by Yaxley parish Council. 

Yaxley Parish Council clerk Helen Taylor said: “We wanted to do something to appreciate the hard work put in by the key workers and the local community and volunteers. 

“Something that people can see and remember in the Long term. It looks nice, it’s almost finished. Families and kids have been walking past admiring it and saying how lovely it looks. 

“I also want to thank Nathan for doing this despite being so busy.” 

Helen added that she is very proud of her team at the Parish Council and volunteers in the community for working all through the lockdown to support the vulnerable residents. 

Nathan from Street Arts Hire creates a 'Heroes' Artwork for Yaxley Parish Council with a thank you message for key workers (Picture|: archive.terry-harris.com)