Jail for man who repeatedly attacked ex-partner


Karl Williams jailed for repeatedly strangling ex-partner

Karl Williams, 25, began the controlling and abusive onslaught when the victim visited his home in Draper Road on February 13. 

The woman had travelled from her home in Corby to see him but when she arrived Williams took her mobile phone and refused to let her leave. 

When the pair began to argue Williams pinned her down and began strangling her. The victim eventually managed to force her way free but was still unable to leave the property. 

The next day the woman began packing a bag of clothes in an attempt to leave but Williams swore at her and told her he wouldn’t let her. He continued his tirade of abuse before strangling her for a second time. The victim managed to escape his grasp and leave the house, but he followed, apologised for his actions and they returned to the property. 

On February 15, Williams verbally abused the victim again before strangling her for a third time and kicking her to the shin. 

Finally, on February 18, the woman managed to leave the property and return to her home in Corby. 

Later that month, on February 26, Williams and the victim travelled back from her home in Corby to his home in Peterborough. 

Williams took her mobile phone and when the victim attempted to take some medication, he demanded that she wait until after they had eaten dinner. When she went to the bathroom to take the medication, Williams followed, burst in and shouted at her before strangling her again. She managed to struggle free and made her way to the kitchen but he pursued her, strangled her again and threatened her with a knife. 

The victim managed to escape and run from the property but Williams chased her, grabbed her by the hair and they went back to the property. 

The following day Williams gave the victim her phone back but when she received a call from her mother, he demanded she put it on loud speaker so he could hear the conversation. The victim initially did this, but took it off loud speaker to talk to her mother privately. 

Enraged, Williams began shouting and when she packed her bag to go he refused to let her leave, grabbed her by the throat and pulled her hair. 

When the victim managed to get free, she noticed clumps of her hair on the floor of the property. With the help of another woman, she managed to leave, police were called and Williams was arrested. 

He went on to admit common assault, assault causing actual bodily harm and engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour. 

On Thursday (November 4) at Peterborough Crown Court he was jailed for 20 months. 

PC Lauren Clark said: “By repeatedly strangling the victim Williams could easily have killed her. His violent and controlling behaviour was absolutely vile. 

“I hope the conclusion of the court process will be of some comfort to the victim as she attempts to rebuild her life and find the happiness she deserves elsewhere. 

“We’re working hard to help survivors of domestic abuse and bring perpetrators before the courts. I would urge anyone in an abusive relationship to seek help. 

“I would also implore friends and family who are concerned a loved one might be in an abusive relationship to speak to them about it and encourage them to get the help they need. There are some amazing charities out there offering help if they do not want to approach the police in the first instance.”  

Victims of domestic abuse are urged to contact police on 101 or call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247. For more advice and support on domestic abuse, visit Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s website