Revealed: the latest Covid figures where you live


Last week, Covid-19 case numbers rose in all areas of Peterborough (Photo: John Baker)

Hampton Vale and Fengate and Parnwell have the highest numbers for new cases, with Werrington recording the lowest number of positive tests over the seven day period.

The most recent figures have all Peterborough Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) showing 10 or more positive Covid-19 cases between July 12 and 18. 

MSOAs are geographic units designed to improve the reporting of small area statistics in England and Wales, with an average of 7,000 people per MSOA.

This MSOA data is based on addresses given at the point of testing to reflect the distribution of cases throughout the city.

Figures for Peterborough in the week to July 18 are:

  • Hampton Vale: 66 cases (up 46 from last week)
  • Fengate and Parnwell: 61 cases (up 28 from last week)
  • Orton Malborne and Goldhay: 55 cases (up 42 from last week)
  • Stanground: 46 cases (up 25 from last week)
  • Orton West and Castor: 39 cases (up 20 from last week)
  • Fletton: 39 cases (up 18 from last week)
  • Yaxley and Farcet: 39 cases (up 12 from last week)
  • Dogsthorpe: 36 cases (up 26 from last week)
  • West Town and Woodston: 32 cases (up 19 from last week)
  • Hargate and Orton Longueville: 31 cases (up eight from last week)
  • Peterborough Central: 28 cases (up eight from last week)
  • Bretton Park: 27 cases (up 18 from last week)
  • Paston: 25 cases (up four from last week)
  • Newborough and Peakirk: 24 cases (up six from last week)
  • Central Park: 20 cases (up seven from last week)
  • North Bretton and Westwood: 19 cases (up 10 from last week)
  • Eye and Thorney: 19 cases (up two from last week)
  • Walton: 18 cases (up four from last week)
  • Glinton, Northborough and Maxey: 18 cases (up eight from last week)
  • Millfield and Bourges Boulevard: 17 cases (up seven from last week)
  • Barnack, Wittering and Wansford: 15 cases (up 10 from last week)
  • Longthorpe and Netherton: 13 cases (up seven from last week)
  • Werrington: 10 cases (up three from last week)

Speaking about the rising case numbers in the city, the director of public health for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Jyoti Atri said: “We are at such a critical point in the pandemic, with the number of infections rising every day and people now able to make their own decisions on what they do to keep themselves and others safe.

“I can understand why people are keen to resume their normal activities, but there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and others, whilst going back to doing the things that we enjoy. 

“For example, we can choose to meet people outdoors, especially whilst the weather is so good and wear masks in indoor spaces. This is important even if you have had both doses of the vaccine as there is still a chance you can carry and pass on the virus.

“If we don’t, we risk more people becoming very ill or dying, public services and many other businesses across the county being impacted and of course we risk a further damaging lockdown. 

“Do the right thing and take every action you can to keep yourself and others safe.”