What changes would you like to see at Northminster?


What changes would you like to see at Northminster? (Picture: Ken Mclarein)

In preparation for the submission of planning permission to Peterborough City Council, a consultation has been launched to gather thoughts and views on the current site and the hope for the future.

As part of the overall development of the city centre, Northminster is one of the key areas to be developed over the next few years, and some plans are already underway, with a licensing application for a new club submitted just last month

In a survey launched to the general public, PIP has asked people to share their views before they finalise their plans and submit the application. 

They have advised people to share their thoughts, also asking people if they support the regeneration of the area. 

Some of the questions include asking for opinions on the key benefits of regeneration of Northminster. The proposal also includes improvements to Laxton Square and asks what could be included to improve the space. 

Suggestions for the area include: public seating, play area, green space, lighting, soft landscaping, cycle path, community gardens, art, accessibility, alongside the option to submit a different thought. 

Last year, Peterborough Matters spoke with MP Paul Bristow to find out his hopes for Northminster, which had recently welcomed 2020 World Buffet and Coyotes Bar and Grill. However, it also saw the closure of The Solstice. 

Mr Bristow expressed his passion over the regeneration of Northminster and said he believes this is "our time" over the next two or three years. 

Although our MP is hoping for nightlife to return to the city, he explained that he doesn't think nightclubs are what we need. He added: "I don't think Peterborough is crying out for nightclubs. It's more for places like Argo Lounge, a decent bar – more specialist bars, we're crying out for a lovely wine bar.

"The good times are coming back to Peterborough. Especially with the university coming. We’ve got the research hub going there which will bring highly paid jobs back into the city centre and these people will want to use restaurants, bars and retail. This vision is really important."

If you would like to have your say on the regeneration plans, you can do so here