Bubble Ci-Tea coming to Queensgate this spring


Bubble Ci-Tea coming to Queensgate this summer (photo: John Baker)

Bubble Ci-tea, which currently has 18 other stores, will be coming to Peterborough this year, and is expected to open in May. 

The business will host a stand in the middle of Queensgate and will serve all kinds of fresh fruit tea, milk tea and crushed ice drinks. 

Bubble Ci-tea has committed to adapting their toppings every reason to meet the needs of their customers and is completely prepared by hand and customised to however is required. 

Prices for the product start at £3.30 and can increase depending on size and customisation. 

Bubble Ci-tea will open shortly after non-essential retail has been given the green-light to open their doors once again on April 12.