How to apply for a September 2022 school place


Peterborough secondary school applications need to be submitted by October 31 (Picture: PA Media)

Any child transferring from primary school to secondary school next year must apply for a place by October 31 this year.

Children due to start at primary or junior school next September must complete their application by January 15, 2022, with online applications encouraged.

It is important that parents and carers apply to the correct council: if you are a Cambridgeshire resident you will have to make your application through Cambridgeshire County Council’s admissions team, even if you want to apply for a school outside Cambridgeshire. If you are a Peterborough resident you must apply to Peterborough City Council.

Parents are encouraged to apply for a place at their child’s catchment school to maximise the chances of obtaining a place.

Bryony Goodliffe, chair of Cambridgeshire County Council’s children and young people’s committee, said: “Starting primary school or moving to secondary school is a significant stage of a child’s education and it is essential that the transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

“An important part of that process is to apply for a school place quickly and accurately, so I would urge parents to do that as soon as possible.”

Lynne Ayres, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “There is always a demand for school places and some parents will naturally be disappointed that their child has not been offered a place at their first-choice school.

“But if parents apply online and apply to their child’s catchment school if they can, we are more likely to be able to meet their wishes and ensure all children benefit from an enjoyable and fulfilling education.”

Paretns and carers can find applications for school places within Cambridgeshire County Council here or for Peterborough City Council here.

Children starting at primary or junior school will be notified about their school place on national offer day, April 19, 2022.

Those applying to secondary school will be offered a place on March 1, 2022.