Where to park in Peterborough once the Wirrina car park closes


The council has announced that the Wirrina car park will close on Sunday, October 18 (Photo: Google Maps)

The Wirrina car park is located on Bishop's Road, near to the Regional Pool and Embankment athletics track. It is part of the site of the new university development and for work to begin on creating the campus the car park must be closed.

Other car parks, council-run or privately owned, nearby, include:

  • Car Haven

    , behind the Town Hall, offers up to three hours parking time for £4.50
  • Bishop's Road

    , behind the Lido, starts prices at £1.80 for up to an hour, with up to 10 hours costing £6.50
  • Riverside

    , near the Key Theatre, uses the same costings as Bishop's Road
  • Brook Street

    , near City College Peterborough, starts charges at £1.50 for up to an hour, going to £5.00 for up to 10 hours
  • Sand Martin House

    , in Fletton Quays, charges £2 for up to one hour and goes to £10.50 for up to 10 hours
  • Wellington Street

    , opposite Stuart House, asks for £1.50 for up to an hour, and then rises in £1 increments until £4.50, which will pay for up to 24 hours parking
  • Dickens Street

    offers up to 24 hours of parking for £4
  • Pleasure Fair Meadow

    , by Town Bridge, has all day parking priced at £4
  • Wentworth Street

    car park is also nearby; run by Britannia, to park for up to an hour it will cost £1.20, with up to eight hours charged at £7.50
  • Deacon Street

    car park is run by NCP, with an hour's parking costing £3 and two to 24 hours charged at £8.50. These prices are reduced when paying via the ParkPass app.
  • Lincoln Road

    car park, opposite the Wortley Almshouses is also run by NCP – parking here costs £3 for an hour and then £9 for between two and 24 hours
  • Westgate

    car park, next to the Brewery Tap, charges £1 per hour and then £9 for the full day
  • According to Parkopedia,

    North Street

    car park charges from £2.50 for two hours all the way up to £9 for 24

It was recently revealed that overpayments for parking fees across various council-run car parks totalled £5,578.35 between September 2019 and August 2020.

The parking machines at these council-owned car parks do not offer change so drivers must have the correct money if paying by cash. When they don't the excess paid is banked by the machine.

This figure is likely to fall, however, with the introduction of contactless and mobile phone payment.