Vivacity unit staying open in Queensgate as heritage information centre


The Vivacity store is staying open in Queensgate as one-stop-shop (photo: John Baker)

Key culture and heritage locations in the city, including those not led by City Culture Peterborough, will be welcomed into the Vivacity store to give information on the services within Peterborough. 

The shop/unit will now act as an information centre for all areas, with City Culture Peterborough planning to reach out to the services in the city. 

City Culture Peterborough Limited is the new home for theatre, arts, heritage, education, library and archive services, and is part of City College Peterborough.

College executive principle Pat Carrington said at this morning's Peterborough City Council Shareholder's Committee meeting: "We want to open up heritage across the city, not just the things we're delivering.

"One thing we are going to do is reopen the Vivacity Queensgate shop and it will be an information centre for all areas to display in. We will invite the Cathedral, the other theatres, arts heritage and culture across the city to be able to share their work within the shop.

"We will also share education opportunities from the colleges post-Covid so they can find out what's on offer.

"This will also allow people to find out about arts and heritage who perhaps wouldn't have gone to the museum or the Cathedral so we can widen participation of those accessing our facilities."

Non-essential retail is currently closed until December 2, so the Vivacity shop won't be reopening just yet. Peterborough Museum is yet to reopen from the initial lockdown, though City Culture Peterborough is planning to reopen it on Thursday, December 3, depending on government guidelines.