Poppy appeal celebrates its 100th anniversary in Queensgate Shopping Centre


Poppy's Fall from the Ceiling to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

The piece, commissioned by Queensgate Shopping Centre, is created in a sustainable manner utilising recycled materials commemorating 100 years of the poppy.

People are encouraged to purchase a poppy and place it in one of the 1555 holes to represent a fallen soldier from Peterborough who lost their life fighting in WW1 and WW2. 

The British Legion Branch Secretary as well as the deputy Poppy appeal advisor, Tony Francis says: "This event is very important as It's actually a triple 100th anniversary.

"It's the anniversary of the Royal British Legion , Poppy appeal as well as the Peterborough Branch. 

"We want to thank Queensgate for making this event even more special with the memorial Sculpture centred right in the middle of the shopping centre"

Mark Broadhead, centre director talked about his personal connection toward the Royal British Legion: "My passion for the Royal British Legion comes from my father who was an ex-serviceman so where-ever i can i do my utmost to carry on his legacy

"I am in a very blessed position, running Queensgate shopping centre being able to put on events such as this in conjunction with the Royal British legion"

He continues on to say: "We try to do something every year but this year with the groups 100th anniversary and Queensgate being such an important transit route and having a sculpture such as this will hopefully get people to reflect and support the Royal British Legion."

The sculpture will be in the centre until Sunday, November 14.