Re-homed rough sleepers 'struggle to sleep in a bed' after years on streets


Hope Into Action helps people to get back into homes

After spending weeks, months or years on the streets, it’s not always a smooth transition. 

Morgan Hobbs, marketing administrator for Hope Into Action said: "We’ve had people move in and they couldn’t sleep in a bed. They’ve been so used to sleeping outdoors that they slept on the floor of their house because they couldn’t take the step of going into a bed. That’s a lot to work through."

She said: "Ideally, our tenants would stay with us for two years. We’ve recently accepted a tenant who came from the Winter Night Shelter who escaped religious prosecution. He came over here as an asylum seeker and he’s been granted his right to stay, therefore he no longer gets asylum seeker allowance, so he’s homeless.  

"We housed him last week and he’s got a degree, he’s an incredibly talented musician, but life just hasn’t worked out for him. That’s just one of many stories."

She continued: "We will home as many people as possible, we started with focusing on ex-convicts. The only people we won’t take are those that may put us at harm, people who have been arrested for arson, sexual offences or murder for example – but that’s the extreme cases. 

"My dream with Hope Into Action would be for more people to know about us. A lot of people know about the Winter Night Shelter and Safer Off The Streets, but because we’re that next step, I don’t think many people realise what we do. We don’t offer emergency accommodation, a lot of people only focus on the emergency support.  

"We’re quite low-key, we don’t like to shout about the work we do, because it’s the churches and people that we hire who make a difference."

Hope Into Action will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year and continue to help people in and around the city.  

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