Entrepreneurs hope to bounce back from Peterborough's Small Business Market


East Community Centre

Patrick Kabewere,  a trustee of the Lighthouse community group, runs the community centre.

He said: "We just thought because of the pandemic, businesses and the local community might be struggling a bit due to a lack of business and subsequent employable opportunities. 

"We wanted to give our community the chance to come in and speak with all these different businesses, to learn about what they do but also for the local community to come in and network. 

"This will provide a mutual benefit providing businesses the opportunity to communicate directly with their consumers whilst also allowing the regular consumers to know their business on a personal level."

The opening speech will see Dr. Nik Johnson, Mayor of Cambridgeshire, and Peterborough combined authority address the local business owners.

Many businesses signed up to attend this event such as Balloon in time, Iqbal Law Chambers, Zains-Art, Jazzercise Peterborough, Henna Art by Shameem amongst many more.  

Shameem, the owner of Henna Art by Shameem, explained why she signed up for the Business Market: "After lockdown, my business took a real hit, it was very hard to bring in new customers in order to keep growing. 

"Hopefully, signing up to this business market will help me get my name out there again and show people that I'm still here and my products have only gotten better.

"The market will also allow me to network with other people and other small businesses to find out how they function and what tips and tricks i can utilise to enhance my success later on."

The event is open to the public from 11am to 3pm and will feature a police car supplied by Policing Peterborough for children to have a look at, whilst parents take a wander round the stalls and network with different entrepreneurs from around the city.