Tory Party needs to 'do more on Islamophobia': Peterborough MP Paul Bristow


Conservative MP Paul Bristow in conversation with Amir Suleman at Salaam Radio

Conservative Member of Parliament for Peterborough, Paul Bristow, said his party 'needs to do more on Islamophobia.'

He was speaking during an interview with Salaam radio’s presenter Amir Suleman on Thursday. 

During the chat, the MP was questioned on incidents which show prevalence of racism towards individuals belonging to the Muslim community in the conservative party. 

In the past, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticised for the comments he made on Muslim women where he referred to them as “Letterboxes”. 

When questioned about these comments Paul said, “Boris is not Islamophobic, it’s nonsense. He was only referring to the fact that women should be allowed to wear what they want. He has been mayor of London which is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. “ 

“He regrets these comments and has apologised for them. But language does matter. And I think our party needs work more towards removing the image that we Conservatives are Islamophobic.” 

Going forward, Paul has pledged to work with the joint-mosque council and different community groups  and organisations in Peterborough to get a broader definition of Islamophobia.

Peterborough's Muslim community radio Salaam radio will be hosting a series of talks every month with the Member of Parliament about issues that matter to local people.

The topic of Kashmir and how tensions between the two strained countries India and Pakistan is impacting the residents in the area was also discussed in this interview.  

You can listen back to the show here.