Witchcraft and Wizardry mystery-solving event hits Peterborough next month


Witchcraft and Wizardry is coming to Peterborough

Fans of the Harry Potter series will be overjoyed with the Witchcraft and Wizardry mystery-solving event taking place on March 14. 

Pick up your wands and dress in your cloaks and follow clues to solve the mystery with CluedUpp Games. 

Having previously worked on The Latest Krays and Sneaky Finders last year, their latest venture is into the wizarding world. Teams of six people will compete to locate virtual witnesses, crack clues and defeat the darkest entities in the realm. 

Founder Tref Griffiths said: "Due to the success of our previous games, we wanted to create something completely different and otherworldly. We're big fans of all things fantasy here at CluedUpp, take the biggest names in fantasy such as Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones.

"We thought it was about time we created our own magical mystery within this genre."

The entire game will be played via an app, available on iOS and Android. Tickets for the event are on sale now, costing between £36 to £42 depending on purchase date for a team of six – little wizards and dogs can play free. 

Tickets are available on their website at https://www.cluedupp.com/products/witchcraft-wizardry-peterborough