Youngsters use half term holidays to plant trees at local park


Tree planting at Itter Park

What better way to spend your half-term holidays than plant some trees and help the planet? 

Youth Inspired is a lottery-funded project that supports youngsters in finding opportunities to grow and learn. They organised a tree planting event for young adults between the age of 11-18 years on Tuesday at the Itter park in Paston along with the Wildlife Trust and the Peterborough Environment City Trust. 

Children enjoyed the tree planting


Harley, 12, was enjoying his first gardening experience and was quite impressed with his work. He said, “It’s been so much fun to do this. I think I have done a good job with my tree. We need more activities like these to keep us off our PlayStation and get us out in open spaces.” 

13-year-old Elizabeth says she is worried about climate change. At the end of the session she felt she has contributed toward saving the planet, “Every small step counts. We planted a few trees today and when people see this, they might want to plant a few more and so it can keep growing. This will help future generations.” 

In the recent years, funding cuts have forced many youth services to be closed in Peterborough, but Youth Inspired says it’s helping bridge this gap.

It arranges regular activities with youngsters such as litter picks, visits to old-age homes and gardening workshops to keep them busy and help them learn new skills. 

Dillan is 14 years-old and wants to set up a better youth club in Paston where he lives. He said: “I feel the Paston area has concerns of anti-social behaviour. Youth activities are needed in the area. They can help with mental health issues as well. I want to do a lot more, and maybe plant flowers. Anything to help young people gain confidence.” 

Helen Wainwright - Youth Inspired community development worker


Helen Wainwright is from the organisation and works as a community development worker. She says, “There are growing concerns with knife crime and violence and drugs in the city. Youth activities and clubs are needed even more today to keep the youngsters on the right track. The councils need to invest more in youth services and not keep cutting them down.’’ 

However, she said Youth Inspired needs more volunteers to help run the project, “ We are growing in numbers, more young people are getting involved with us but we are in need of more volunteers from the local communities to come work with us.” 

As a little thank you gesture for their hard work, the youngsters will be treated to some fun at the Inflatable Theme Park on Wednesday. The young bunch said they can’t wait for it!