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Can you guess the identity of the Yaxley lockdown murderer?

Can you guess whodunnit? A Yaxley theatre group has created an interactive murder mystery, set during lockdown, where audiences can guess the villain of the piece.
The interactive movie will be aired on November 14, with prizes on offer for people who guess the murderer correctly! (Photo: Supplied)

Diane Pickett, of the Yaxley Amateur Players, has written and directed the interactive mystery movie, Lethal Lockdown. Filming was done via Zoom and mobile phones, in group members' gardens and houses.

It is being sold as a pay-per-view show that will be aired on November 14. Mystery-lovers can purchase a view for their household for £5, watch the movie and then submit their guesses for who the murderer is. They'll find out if they're right when the culprit is announced via link later in the evening.

Diane commented: "We are doing something that no other amateur group has done, and it is exciting to be doing something very different from our usual live shows."

The Yaxley Amateur Players have been trying to keep busy during lockdown - normally they would be in rehearsals for the annual panto, which has not been missed in the group's 40 year history.

Diane added: "The group is like one big family and so not only does this help keep the group surviving, it also means that the members still feel part of something and have something exciting to do during these times."

The movie can be purchased via the Yaxley Amateur Players website.