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Tell your story with online creative writing workshops

Tell your story this lockdown with University Centre Peterborough's online creative writing sessions.
For the aspiring writers, Helen Gould has given some tips about how to start filling that blank page (Photo: Pexels)

University Centre Peterborough has launched a series of online creative writing sessions to get budding Peterborough writers through the dark lockdown evenings.

The Wednesday workshops have been created to get people started with writing as well as exploring novels, short stories, poetry and personal writing. Andrew McDonnell, a lecturer and course leader for the English Literature degrees at University Centre Peterborough, has put the sessions together. Andrew is also a writer, having published short stories and poetry across a range of journals and anthologies.

Carefully curated writing exercises have been put together to help enhance creativity and get writers thinking and developing. Each workshop aims to have students leaving with a new idea for a story, characters, settings, a new line of poetry or a captivating opening sentence for prose.

Andrew McDonnell, course leader for the BA (Hons) English Literature at University Centre Peterborough said: "Most of us need a creative release, somewhere else to direct our thoughts away from the world for a few hours a week, and creative writing is often a way to do this. By creating story-worlds, we get to explore other realities and express ourselves. These courses are opportunities to have a window we can stick our head out of and breathe."

The workshops are suitable for all abilities and ages from 16 to over 60 and will take place in a small relaxed group to encourage interaction and contributions.

University Centre Peterborough run BA (Hons) degrees in English Literature and English Literature with Creative Writing and promote a series of annual Literary Festival events at their Peterborough campus. The degrees can be studied full-time or part-time and are structured into full days to make it easier to study with work, family or personal commitment.

For more information about the Creative Writing workshops, please visit the website.