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Audio tour of Millfield launching at August festival

A ‘walking play’ to bring the overlooked areas of Millfield to life will be launched at the Millfield Festival on August 7.
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Raising Millfield celebrates the stories from different communities living in this part of Peterborough

The play, written by Atiha Sen Gupta and produced by Peterborough Presents and Eastern Angles, was inspired by the Raising Millfield workshops held in the spring.

Listeners should begin their audio tour outside the park on Occupation Road. The theatre will then continue for ten more episodes, creating a “rich tapestry” of stories that examine what it means to live and grow up in Millfield.

Each episode provides a new stop on the route and a new story from someone who lives in the area.

A spokesperson from Peterborough Presents said: “Raising Millfield will question what Millfield stands for and what being a Millfield resident means to those who live there.

“Connecting different communities from this richly diverse area, this walking play is a new way of experiencing the theatre and the outdoors.”

The Millfield Festival has been scheduled for the weekend of August 7. 

At the festival, audiences will be guided through the audio walking tour in groups. 

After the festival weekend, Raising Millfield will be made available online for audiences to join independently.