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Enjoy Peterborough more with Peterborough Matters


Welcome to Peterborough Matters, a new community website for the people and businesses of Peterborough.

In the spring, we will launch a new approach to local news and information - driven from the ground up; listening closely to what you, the people living and working in Peterborough, tell us is important.

We will break locally-driven news written by local journalists and cover all the important issues in Peterborough. And because we are writing about the stories that truly matter to you, we think you’ll want to come to our site not just once or twice a week, but every day.

As well as hard news, we will also provide information that is important to the community. We like to write stories about new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about anything that impacts the heart of the community.

We are investing in Peterborough; hiring journalists and sales people who know and love the city. We hope you’ll come back when we launch and invest a little time in seeing what makes us different and why we are a great addition to Peterborough life.

To keep in touch with how we are doing, sign up to our email newsletter here (below this post on mobile, or to the right on desktop) or email us at

We’re hiring! Peterborough Matters needs journalists and sales people who know and love Peterborough and live in the vicinity. To express interest, email us in total confidence here.

Peterborough Matters will launch in Spring of 2020.

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