Over £9m is headed to Peterborough to fund upgrades to the A1260 Junction 32/3.

The board of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority unanimously agreed to give the funds to push the upgrades to Junction 3 on the gateway to south-west Peterborough.

Chaired by Deputy Mayor, Cllr Anna Smith, the Combined Authority’s Board signed off the A1260 improvement Full Business Case and approved £5,850,000 from the subject-to-approval line of the Authority’s Medium Term Financial Plan.

A second unanimous vote saw members agree on a further £3,441,880 from the Transforming Cities Fund programme, reaching a total of £9,291,880.

The approval brings construction to the link joining the A1139 Fletton Parkway, A1260 Nene Parkway and The Serpentine and Peterborough road scheme closer.

CAPCA has said the key link for many businesses and homes “is frequently clogged by peak-hour traffic jams”.

They also said: “Freeing up this vital junction will help Peterborough achieve its goals for growth, as well as improving the walking and cycling routes that can help reduce unnecessary car journeys and assist the region in cutting its carbon.”

The authority expects the project to result in a 20 per cent net gain in biodiversity.

The A1260 schemes include creating three new lanes, one being a third southbound lane on Nene Parkway from Junction 31 to 3, adding a flare of 150m to A1139 Fletton Parkway westbound off-slip to create a third lane and another third lane on the A1260 on the Serpentine northbound approach, extending around 200 metres back from Junction 3.

Two new signalisations will be installed, one of the Nene Parkway approach to Junction 3 with a four lane approach and the other of the Serpentine approach to Junction 3 with a four lane approach.

220 metres of footpath will be added between Saltmarsh and Phoenix School, as well as cycleway upgrades for approximately 450 metres between Shrewsbury Avenue and the gated access of the Nature Reserve.