RECOUP, the UK’s leading plastics resource efficiency and recycling charity based in Peterborough, recently hosted a visit to the Viridor Energy Recovery Facility in Fengate, Peterborough.

This was on behalf of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) East Anglian Centre, to help waste and resource professionals from across the Anglian region learn more about the facility and the energy recovery systems.

The facility has been operational since 2015, treating about 85kt of non-recyclable waste each year and generating electricity to power the equivalent of 16,000 homes as part of the process.

Stuart Foster, CEO of RECOUP said: “As with many resource and waste processing facilities, I am always really impressed by the engineering and technology involved.

"The visit also highlighted the need to re-use and recycle much more of the resources we use at a local and national level, and reduce waste where possible as well.

"Recycling more from businesses in the area was also highlighted as a key opportunity moving forwards”.

Pledge2Recycle Plastics, the citizen and education brand of RECOUP focuses on cutting the confusion about plastics recycling by sharing information about how plastics are collected, sorted and recycled into new products.

"The company have also been working on assessing and reducing litter in the River Nene over the past year, and engaging with local schools and litter groups.

Amanda Bakewell, communication and engagement manager at RECOUP added: “As members of RECOUP, Viridor shares the Pledge2Recycle Plastics values with regards to clear messaging and teaching children and the public about reducing, reusing and recycling from a young age, engaging with the recyclers of tomorrow and keeping plastics out of the natural environment”.

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