More than 250 jobs could be created in Peterborough after the city council gave the green light to a new industrial development on the former Dogsthorpe Landfill site on Welland Road.

FCC Environment LTD, a waste and resource management company has been granted the permission to their proposals to create a new development platform alognside three industrial and commercial units with a total floorspace of about 12,000 sqm. Alongside this, it’s also expected to include a roadside service area with a petrol station and a drive-thru coffee shop.

There’s a proposal to provide access to this new filling station off Welland Road close to the A47(T) and A16(T) roundabout.

The proposed site located to the north-east of Peterborough, partly comprises the former household recycling centre and the office complex and management facility associated with the landfill site. In addition, the site also includes an area that has previously been approved for use as a Materials Recycling Facility and part of the former historic and restored landfill. No buildings are proposed on the landfill.

Each new employment unit would have its own car parking and service yard with a provision for upto 118 cars and the drive thru coffee shop would have 19 car parking spaces.

The development would also provide disabled parking, motorcycle parking spaces and cycle store. In addition to this, the plans also include provision of a continuous footway along the eastern side of Welland Road which will provide a high-quality route between the proposed development and residential areas in the existing built-up part of Dogsthorpe.

According to the planning statement, the units could be occupied by 2024.