Peterborough Museum is holding a new summer exhibition called ‘Growing Together in Peterborough’ to highlight the city’s local food projects and organisations.

The exhibition funded by the Arts Council and curated by Lauren Kendrick, founder of Flourish Peterborough and chair of the Peterborough Food Partnership and Strategy, will open to visitors on Saturday August 12 and will run until the end of September.

Throughout August and September, alongside the exhibition, there will be an accompanying programme of workshops, events, and activities across the city - providing fun for the whole family.

The programme will include a range of activities: from talks and discussions to arts workshops at community centres, arts venues, and farms through to community gardens. Artworks will celebrate what’s happening in the city and its surrounding areas.

Lauren Kendrick says: “I want to spark conversations about what food means to us and discuss what the future could hold. We want to look ahead to how we can create a better, more inclusive food culture for our city that celebrates and values local produce and independent businesses.”

The programme is aiming to work collaboratively to raise awareness of environmental issues. Through a range of educational activities, it will engage individuals and organisations in discussions around reducing waste and supporting local, seasonal and sustainable food production.

By bringing together policymakers, businesses, and local communities, the food strategy will aim to change policies, tackle food poverty, and promote healthy and sustainable food for all.

Lauren continues: “After the programme, we will be developing a food strategy for the local area to ensure that this is a reflective piece for what the citizens want and what the city needs. We want to engage in a dialogue around food systems, celebrating what makes this area special and what our aspirations are around food for the future.

"Across Peterborough, we have an amazing array of residents, community groups, growers and other food businesses, who are committed to a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system.

“Now is the time for them all to get their voices heard and help to develop a food action plan that benefits everyone in Peterborough and its surrounding areas. We want to ensure healthy and affordable food options are readily available for everyone.”

The exhibition and its accompanying events will offer plenty of opportunities for local residents to get their voices heard on the subject. To find out more, keep an eye out for ‘windows’, created by different artists on the theme of food and sustainability, popping up around the city in the run-up to the exhibition’s launch.