Two criminals with convictions for almost 100 offences between them have landed themselves back in prison.

Marc Sunderland, 42, and Ashely Sanders, 34, saw an opportunity to steal a black Audi A4 which had been left with the engine running while it defrosted outside a home in Fellowes Gardens, Fletton, on January 21 this year.

About 30 minutes after it was reported missing to police and traffic officers came across the stolen vehicle parked next to a nearby garage with the windscreen partially frozen, but missing its keys.

Seven months later, in the early hours of July 17, Sunderland was caught on CCTV attempting to open doors to supported living accommodation in Brickburn Lane, Hampton Centre, at about 2.30am.

He gained entry via a ground-floor window and let himself into one of the flats but was disturbed by the resident and forced out of the building.

The victim later realised some items were missing from his flat, including a gold ‘Jones New York’ watch and a tan leather glove that was not his had been left behind on the floor.

Later the same afternoon, Sunderland let himself into a house in Four Chimney’s Crescent, Hampton Vale, while some of the occupants were inside.

He made his way upstairs and searched through one of the bedrooms before entering a teenage boy’s room claiming to be a window cleaner and demanded money before taking £20 and making his way back downstairs.

The boy’s parents saw Sunderland trying to leave via their front door, so chased after him and called police when they saw him run into a block of flats in nearby Peterfield Road which is where Sunderland lived.

Just moments after, Sunderland smashed the rear doors of a house in Peterfield Road but quickly left and ran back into his flat where he was subsequently arrested.

Upon his arrest, Sunderland was found to be wearing the watch that had been stolen from the Brickburn Lane flat.

Reviews of CCTV footage of the other offences identified Sunderland, who was further arrested, alongside Sanders, who was arrested in Clayburn Road, Hampton Centre, the following day.

The pair appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday (18 September) where Sunderland, of Peterfield Road, Hampton Vale, was jailed for three years and ten months after previously admitting theft of a motor vehicle, attempted burglary, and two counts of burglary.

Sanders, of Albert Crescent, was jailed for a year-and-a-half after previously admitting theft of a motor vehicle. Upon his arrest he was recalled to prison to serve the remainder of a 16-month sentence after being jailed earlier this year for threatening a person with a knife. His latest sentence will begin once he has served the existing one.

Four charges of attempted burglary relating to three houses in The Ridge, Hampton Vale, and one in Torridon Drive, Hampton Centre, will lie on file for both men.

Detective Constable Craig Trevor, who investigated, said: “Sunderland has 21 convictions for 47 offences, while Sanders has 27 convictions for 51 offences – this pair clearly aren’t learning their lesson and keep turning their hand to crime.

“Burglaries are one of the most intrusive crimes and I’m pleased the court were able to reflect the seriousness of the offence in the sentence given to Sunderland.

“As for Sanders, not only has he landed himself back in prison to serve the remainder of an existing sentence, he’s found himself staying there for a lot longer now.”