A veterinary practice in Peterborough has opened a bereavement room to bring comfort to owners who are faced with the heartbreak of saying goodbye to their beloved pets.

The room has been created by Kerrie Lambert, a veterinary care assistant at the practice, who turned a former treatment room into the bespoke bereavement space with the help of her husband, Chris.

The Best Friends Vet Group, in Broadway, has already received lots of positive feedback from clients who say the room has brought them comfort at the saddest time and helped ease the pain of saying goodbye.

To create the bereavement space, the room has been furnished with a sofa and cushions, along with soft, twinkling lights and homely decorations. Comforting quotes are featured on one wall and another wall has a relaxing mural of trees.

A baby changing unit with a padded mat is used instead of a consult table when pets are being put to sleep, or owners can choose to sit on the sofa or floor with their pet.

“We bring owners into the room with their pet and let them have some final moments together before saying goodbye,” said Kerrie.

“The room is also used when clients want to discuss euthanasia options, whether it is talking about putting their pet to sleep or discussing cremation.

“The whole team at Broadway prides themselves on offering the very best care to pets at every stage of their life, from puppies and kittens through to adulthood, and in their senior years, too.

“I own five dogs myself and understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a pet and felt that when the time comes, both pet and owner deserve a calm, caring and dignified experience.

"Our bereavement room is a space where a pet can make its final journey peacefully and hopefully this homely environment brings owners comfort and helps preserve positive memories.”

Kerrie, who has undertaken additional training so she can provide bereavement support and advice to pet owners, also offers to place some of the pet’s fur in a vaccination vial so they have a keepsake to treasure.