A Peterborough-based recruitment agency is taking a more creative approach to sending out corporate Christmas cards to its clients this year.

Staff at Anne Corder Recruitment are keeping the festivities well and truly in the family – and reinforcing its professional values by enlisting the support of its own Santa’s little helpers.

This year, the company Christmas cards will be designed by the children of Anne Corder Recruitment staff and then printed and sent to clients.

The meaningful way to show staff they are truly valued is the brainchild of ACR managing director Nel Woolcott.

Nel said: “As an employer we wanted to acknowledge the time our staff take from their lives to work for us, and the juggling this can mean; particularly for families with children.

“We do offer flexible working options and a four-day week if it suits our staff’s lives better, but everything we can do to help with the balance, we know makes a positive difference.”

She added: “At a time when there is so much pressure on people to work just to get by, we firmly believe it is worth remembering what really matters, and showing in a fun way that we truly value everything our wonderful team does all year round.

“When we recruit on behalf of our clients, we look for the long-term happiness of both candidate and employer and, from experience, we understand that a good match between organisational values and the personality of the candidate is key to that, not just skillset.

“And, of course, the same is true for our own organisation.”

And as a big thank you, every child who designs a card will be gifted £20 to spend on quality time with their Anne Corder Recruitment parent!

Nel added: “From ice-skating to cinema tickets, we are really hoping that after the school Christmas holidays there will be plenty of story sharing about their fun and antics.”