A Cambridgeshire town received a mention on BBC Radio One this morning.

Chatteris was name checked by Dean McCullough as part of the Breakfast Show’s ‘small town  shout-out’ segment after a listener called Jane texted in.

After pondering if she was abroad, Dean then took to Google to research more about the town.

“I’ve just been looking up Chatteris,” he told listeners.

“I love exploring a sleepy market town, but a lot of you have been saying Chatteris isn’t really where you go on a holiday. It’s boring, there’s no one there.

“But apparently you can skydive, there’s a maze… it sounds like Disneyland!”

He goes on to say: “Jane in Chatteris could have said she’s from Peterborough but she didn’t and now we’re all talking about Chatteris.

“We’re chatting about Chatteris!”

You can listen back to the show here.