A prolific shoplifter who was caught trying to steal from a supermarket in Peterborough has been jailed.

On January 11, Luke Nash, 41, was spotted by a member of the public putting a joint of beef worth £17.33 in his bag in Lidl, Lime Kiln Close, West Town.

A security guard, who was informed by the shopper, observed Nash pick up a bottle of orange juice from the shelf valued at £1.49 and walk around the shop drinking it.

Nash, of no fixed address, was detained by staff after he left the half empty bottle of orange juice on a till and attempted to leave the shop without paying.

Peterborough Matters: Prolific Peterborough shoplifter Luke Nash has been jailed.Prolific Peterborough shoplifter Luke Nash has been jailed. (Image: Cambridgeshire Constabulary)

Police were called who arrested Nash and handed the joint of beef back to the store after it was found in his bag.

Nash appeared at Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court on Saturday January 13 where he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison after admitting theft from a shop. He is also required to pay £1.49 in compensation to Lidl for the orange juice.

PC Natalie Norman, who investigated, said: “Nash is a prolific offender who was handed a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order at the end of last year after being convicted of many thefts in the Wisbech area.

“While it appears he has been adhering to the court order, he has moved his offending over to Peterborough.

“Thankfully, due to the quick work of the shopper, staff and our officers, we were able to catch Nash in the act and put him before the courts.”