An annual poll has shortlisted Peterborough, and 152 other British towns and cities as some of Britain's "most depressing towns".

The poll, which is ran every year by the town review site,, is asking people to vote for the town that they think is "the most depressing".

Unfortunately, Peterborough is among the voting options. Neighbouring towns and cities, including Northampton and Nottingham, are on there too. 

Peterborough is sadly no stranger to negative publicity, and has featured on several cruel lists in the past, including "Worst Place to Live in Britain".

However, we want to hear from Peterborough Matters readers that love the city they live in. 

Many Peterborough residents have lived in the city for their entire lives. What has made you want to stay in Peterborough?

Peterborough Matters: We want to hear why you love PeterboroughWe want to hear why you love Peterborough (Image: NewsQuest)

Peterborough Cathedral is a popular attraction in the city, especially because of its grand architecture. 

There are also plenty of shops and restaurants in Peterborough and its many suburbs. 

If you think that Peterborough's place on the "most depressing town" poll is undeserved, then let us know in the comments.