Enforcement measures will be carried out by Peterborough City Council in Long Causeway, Westgate and Queens Drive West using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

The initiative is to "penalise poor and illegal driving habits, reduce congestion, improve air quality and road safety, as well as encouraging sustainable travel."

From Monday, February 5, enforcement will be carried out using ANPR cameras at Long Causeway (pedestrian and cycle zone), Westgate (pedestrian and cycle zone) and Queens Drive West (Safer School Street).

Warning signs will be in place in these areas.

Offences in these areas are driving in the pedestrian and cycle zones in Long Causeway and Westgate and entering the Safer School Street in Queens Drive West while the scheme is in operation.

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There will be enforcement on three further sites - Church Street (no entry), Apollo Avenue (bus gate) and Bellona Drive (bus gate). A start date for these enforcements is yet to be confirmed.

During the first six months of enforcement at any new site, warning notices will be issued on the first occasion of any offence.

After this, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued for any further contraventions.