Peterborough City Hospital offered the peanut allergy treatment programme to two local teenagers to help boost their tolerance to peanuts and peanut products.

The programme, which does not offer a cure for a peanut allergy, has successfully boosted the teenager's tolerance.

The treatment is designed to desensitise the body's response to peanuts, so that it no longer reacts as severely, if it all.

Two local teenagers, Isaac Bailey and Jake Hellawell, received the treatment at Peterborough City Hospital, which was met with success.

The treatment involves patients receiving a dose of peanut powder, which can be mixed in with yoghurt or mousse.

The powder is taken everyday of the programme, which ran for six months.

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Hayley Daines, Paediatric Allergy Nurse Specialist at Peterborough City Hospital, said: "While this treatment does not offer a cure, it gives youngsters, and their parents, greater piece of mind that they are less at risk of becoming unwell if they are in contact with peanuts.

"With teenagers especially, it can be quite limiting if they need to constantly check whether food contains peanuts, so we hope this will help make their lives easier."

Isaac Bailey, 14, of Stamford, said: "Having this treatment has been fine.

"I take the peanut powder with chocolate mousse and it's not a bother to take it. Now I feel more confident that I am not so intolerant."

Jake Hellawell, a 13-year-old from Bourne, said: "When I wake up in the morning I eat a pot of yoghurt with the powder in it that mum leaves by my bed.

"The more I had it, the easier it got. Now I have finished the programme I will need to take a maintenance dose every day, which I am already used to."