Peterborough is getting its own edition of the board game Monopoly – and there are just a few days left to suggest which landmarks and streets should be included.  

The cathedral, POSH’s home The Weston Homes Stadium and the Queensgate Shopping Centre are bound to be featured somehow on Peterborough’s board. 

And the public have until the end of week to let the maker’s know the city’s equivalent when it comes to the likes of Park Lane, Oxford Street and Old Kent Road.  

They can also offer wording for the ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards.  

Suggestions can be emailed to or submitted via the official Monopoly Peterborough Edition Facebook page. 

The deadline is 11:59pm on February 15, 2024.  

Yasmin East, from Winning Moves UK, the company producing the game, said: “Our research shows there’s far more glamour to Peterborough than meets the eye and we expect to be wonderfully spoiled with choices when putting this special edition board together.  

“The city is incredibly green and that has been a factor for us in the past when making our choice of which city to grant a MONOPOLY edition to.” 

During early polling, the Cathedral was a popular choice with the public.  

One person posted on the Facebook page that players should send ‘back three spaces’ for daring to visit Cambridge.  

Winning Moves UK is producing the Peterborough Monopoly under licence from the toy and game company Hasbro. 

Monopoly first hit shelves in 1935.  

Although the brand has evolved over the past 89 years, the gameplay has remained unchanged and is played in 114 countries.  

According to a fan website, the Cambridge edition of Monopoly was launched in 2004.