Cambridgeshire Police officers have issued warnings to drivers who attended a Peterborough car meet on Saturday, February 10.

Ahead of the car meet, Cambridgeshire Police issued a county-wide dispersal order.

150 cars were at the Peterborough meet, with driver's deciding to attend despite the police order.

Neighbourhood police officers patrolling the area caught the 150-strong car meet at the Serpentine Green car park in Hampton.

Two section 59 warnings under the Police Reform Act 2002 were issued where vehicles were being used in a manner which caused alarm, distress, or annoyance.

The notices are placed on both the driver and the vehicle, meaning should either be found to be involved in anti-social behaviour again, the vehicle can be seized.

Inspector Connor Hall, from Peterborough’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Thanks to the information that we received, we were able to act quickly and get a county-wide dispersal order put in place.

“Car meets and the associated anti-social behaviour is an ongoing priority for our southern Peterborough Neighbourhood Policing Team and is something that we will continue to work at tackling.”

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