A husband-and-wife team from Cambridgeshire have been delivering smiles (and parcels) together for five years.

Steve and Gill, who met at work, deliver Evri parcles together on their round in Peterborough.

They met whilst loading their vans next to each other and bonded over a similar taste in music and a good giggle.

"It was love at first delivery," laughs Gill. "We bonded over shared stories of our favourite customers, a love of gin and a passion for showing the world how good couriers act."

They work on different rounds, out of the same depot so they can still share those special moments of loading their vans side by side and reminiscing about the time they realised they both had an aversion to black pens, preferring blue ink and reserving black for ‘official documents’.

Gill has delivered for Evri for 20 years and Steve for seven. Gill has seen people have babies and now their babies have grown up and are old enough to order their own clothes.

They have been together for over four years and got married on the fourth anniversary of them getting together, in October 2023.

Steve asked Gill out for a drink and “the rest is history”, he adds. "Working together is a dream come true.

Last weekend, even though Steve was using up some of his holidays, he chose to drive Gill around, just so they could spend a little more time together.

Peterborough Matters: Steve and Gill on their wedding day.