A man who strangled his girlfriend after she criticised him for being untidy has been jailed.

Jakub Nawrocki, 27, of Naseby Close, Peterborough, flew into a violent rage while she was washing up on 26 October last year.

The victim had complained about him leaving her home in a mess.

He grabbed her by the arms, pushed her against a wall, and squeezed her by the throat so tightly she struggled to breathe.

He also spat in her face several times, verbally abused her and accused her of cheating on him with other men.

The following day, police were alerted to the attack and officers went to see the victim. She revealed Nawrocki had squeezed her neck before, and she lived in fear that he could kill her.

Nawrocki returned to the victim’s home while officers were there and he was arrested.

On February 22, at Cambridge Crown Court, Nawrocki was sentenced to 18 months in prison after previously pleading guilty to intentional strangulation.

Detective Constable Kyle Miskin said: “Firstly, I want to commend the victim’s bravery for speaking to us about the abuse Nawrocki inflicted upon her.

“Nawrocki’s behaviour was disgraceful - people should not be living in fear like she was.

“We would strongly urge anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse to contact police or call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247.”

To report concerns, or for more advice and support on domestic abuse, including coercive control, visit the force’s dedicated web page.