A national day of reflection will be held on the first Sunday of March, this weekend, to remember all those who died during the pandemic.

March 3 will mark the first annual day of reflection since the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration published its final report in September.

In the report, it was recommended the event should be held each year on the first Sunday of March.

The first day of reflection, organised by the charity Marie Curie, was held in 2021 on March 23, the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown.

What is the national day of reflection?

The national day of reflection will be used to remember all those lost during the pandemic.

A minute’s silence will be held at midday and Marie Curie said it wants to encourage people to come together to remember and reflect.

The Government is supporting the day with more than £500,000 towards costs, promotion and community events to be held on the day.

The report that suggested the national day of reflection also recommended teaching schoolchildren about people’s experiences in the pandemic and identifying green spaces across the UK for use as memorial areas.

You can find out more information on the day via the Marie Curie website here.

Peterborough Matters: The National Covid Memorial Wall in London.The National Covid Memorial Wall in London. (Image: PA)

When is the national day of reflection 2024?

The annual day of reflection will take place on Sunday, March 3, and every year it will be held on the first Sunday in March across the UK.

Discussing the day, Downton Abbey actor and Marie Curie ambassador Jim Carter said the day of reflection is “an essential part of the fabric of our nation”.

He added: "When I think about the pandemic I think about the personal loss of day-to-day life as I knew it. I think about the unbearable grief that people felt, and still feel, over the death of their partners, children, parents.

“And I think about the collective sense of loss we feel as individuals. That time was so disruptive, for so many.

"We need the day of reflection, whether it be to privately remember or collectively come together and support one another.”