An investigation into an organised crime group who dressed as police officers while they raided a rival’s house in Peterborough is due to appear on national television tomorrow morning (Wednesday March 6).

The work of detectives from the force’s northern Acquisitive Crime Team (ACT) to catch the group within hours of the heist will be highlighted on this week’s Crimewatch Live programme at 10.45am on BBC One.

In August 2022, a group of five men – Olsi Cakoni, Florin Doci, Tom Dodaj, Malesio Gjonaj and one who remains unknown – posed as police officers and armed themselves with guns, hammers and crowbars while they forced their way into the home which had been used to stash large amounts of cash.

The lead detective in the case features on the show explaining the “high-level sophistication of the job” with surveillance cameras, crowbars, fake police outfits, firearms and some significant sentences handed out at the end of it, being “the kind of thing that you really join the job for”.

Using police footage and dramatic reconstruction, Crimewatch Live will re-tell the story of how the force’s quick response to catch those responsible paid off.

The episode features interviews with the detectives involved in catching the gang and also shocking CCTV of the raid.

Crimewatch Live is broadcast on BBC One at 10.45am every weekday from 4 to 8 March. It is also available on BBC iPlayer for seven days.

Information about the investigation and sentencing can be found on the force’s website.

A clip of the programme can be viewed and downloaded from the force’s YouTube channel here –