The worst roads for delays and traffic queues in Cambridgeshire have been revealed in newly released data.

Analysis of figures from the Department for Transport show the average delay on A roads across the Cambridgeshire district increased since last year.

It comes as motorists faced more congestion than ever on the strategic road network, which includes 'A' roads and motorways, with the RAC blaming the issue on too many roadworks.

Drivers in Cambridgeshire were delayed by 27 seconds per mile on average when compared to the pace they would have made if driving at the speed limit in free-flowing conditions.

This was up from 25 seconds per mile the year before.

At a national level, drivers were delayed by 48 seconds per miles on local 'A' roads, the highest figure since 2019.

The figures are measured in seconds per vehicle per mile (spvm) which represents how many seconds a vehicle is held up for each mile travelled.

Some road delays in Cambridgeshire have increased so much that they exceeded the national average of 8.8 spvm last year.

Top 5 most congested roads in Cambridgeshire


Drivers are most likely to experience congestion on the A1309 which saw the greatest delays with holds ups of more than two minutes per mile, up 78 seconds the previous year.


Drivers were held up for 85 seconds per mile on the A1134 in 2023, up just over 70 seconds the previous year.


Drivers were held up for 41.2 seconds per mile on the A1301 in 2023, up just over 34 seconds the previous year.  


Drivers were held up for 38.3 seconds per mile on the A15 in 2023, up just over 27 seconds the previous year.


Drivers were held up for 35.9 seconds per mile on the A605 in 2023, up just over 35.3 seconds the previous year.

Use our handy interactive tool to view the average delays on even roads in Cambridgeshire.