Residents at a care home in Peterborough were able to have some fun during nutrition and hydration week.

They were split into two teams and each team got to choose their favourite fruits and made a smoothie.

Hampton Grove second chef Cassie Mills, said: “Fruit is a key part of a healthy eating plan. Fruits contain many nutrients that your body needs. In fact, a healthy diet that includes fruit has been found to reduce your risk of several chronic diseases. But fruit contains natural sugars, and some types are fairly high in calories”.

"Studies have found that foods with higher levels of carotenoids - the pigments that give fruit and veggies their orange and red colour are associated with better brain health and helps lower the risk of dementia."

Resident Alan Mason said: “The food here is amazing, it is like living in a five-star hotel so it was lovely to be able to thank the chefs and hospitality team for all that they do. We eat so well here, everyone is so well looked after."

Hampton Grove is run by Barchester Healthcare, one of the UK’s largest care providers.