A convicted stalker who bombarded his ex-girlfriend with messages has been sent back to prison.

Jordan Affleck, 26, of no fixed abode in Peterborough, had been ordered not to contact his ex-girlfriend for seven years after he was jailed for stalking and coercive control two years ago.

However, upon his release five months later, Affleck sent the victim an email saying, “I want you back”.

He followed up with another email demanding to know why she hadn’t replied.

Affleck continued to email her over the next few days with more messages. On one day he sent her 11 emails and multiple message requests on social media.

The victim continued to ignore him, but Affleck became abusive towards her partner.

In October 2022, he sent him voice notes and messages saying he was “a dead man” and to stay away from the victim.

On the same day, Affleck sent a series of messages to the victim which said he was waiting for her at a supermarket and begging for her go there and see him.

He also sent abusive messages to the victim’s mother and her partner’s mum, making threats towards her son.

Then in May last year, Affleck moved to another victim, a colleague he had only just met, repeatedly trying to contact her on social media.

He told her he would “need to marry” her so he could tell her all about his life.

In just five days, he sent her more than 100 messages, which included declarations of love and confessions of wishing to commit a crime.

Despite the victim not replying, he repeatedly tried to add her as a friend on Facebook, which left her living in fear.

Affleck was arrested and later pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking involving serious alarm or distress and two counts of harassment – breach of restraining order.

He was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday March 22, where he was handed a total of two years and three months in prison.

He was also given a 10-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting his victims or entering specific areas of Cambridgeshire.

DC Lee Hurley, who investigated, said: “Stalking and harassment are horrendous crimes, which leave victims feeling frightened, distressed and threatened.

“Affleck is a danger to women, and I am pleased to say he is back in prison where he belongs.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend both victims for their bravery in reporting their experiences to the police.”

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